Little Free Library
When is a little house on a post more than just a little house on a post?

When it's a Little Library!

Rick Brooks and Todd Bol of MN are the brainchild of this novel concept spreading across the USA. an era of laptops and eBooks, happening upon a Little Library can have its own special magic.

Essentially a tiny house on a post, the Little Library is still such a novelty that its mere presence can stop traffic...and it's open all the time.

Take-a-book. Leave-a-book! That's the concept.

Stocked with books ranging from academic texts to children's classics, Nebraska authors, and a variety of magazines, each two-by-two foot Little Library bears the simple message. Take-a-book. Leave-a-book!

What's the purpose of all the Little Libraries? promote literacy and the love of reading by building free book exchanges worldwide. build a sense of community as we share skills, creativity, and wisdom across generations. build more than 2500 libraries around the world (more than Andrew Carnegie - and then more.)

View a short video of what others have done. We'd love to see your version of the Little Library! Send details (your name and town and a photo or two to: MyFreeLibrary.
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