Contact Charlotte - Booking
Remember:  It's grant based and affordable for all!
Follow these steps to contact Charlotte for your event:
1. If you haven't already, make sure to check out the calendar to get an idea of what dates might be available.
2. Fill out the simple form. If you do not choose to apply online, mail your form to Lincoln, NE immediately to secure your date.
  • Libraries, museums, nursing homes and town festivals (general public): Use this form

    While Charlotte is at your location, why not have her stay to educate an additional audience? Packed youth audiences are often times followed by brown bag lunch adult audiences. Or... Brown bag working audiences are followed by elderly book clubs and Red Hatters. The link for the application is HERE .

  • Schools and youth organizations: Use this form .
  • Apply online here .
3. Have two or more events? No problem! Now you can have more than two speakers a year with the Humanities: Use this form .
4. The Humanities now direct deposits Charlotte's checks into her account after she has spoken for you. You no longer have to mess with paying her! It is very important that you fill the final report out and return it within 10 days to the Humanities. If you enjoyed what Charlotte did, please mark it "excellent". The final report can be found here .

5. Finally, contact Charlotte either by email at  [email protected] , or use the online form , to set a date and time. Allow at least 30 days for processing.

“Breaking down the misconceptions between the Orphan Train and the Orphan Grain Train ."
Ready to organize your event? Let's get to the checklist!