To prepare for the speaking event, please be sure to follow this list to ensure a positive experience for everyone attending:
  • A couple of preferably large conference size tables. (But any size will do if you do not have conference size.)
  • A couple of chairs for the speaker and guest speaker(s).
  • Chairs for the audience (if applicable).
  • Sponsor needs to provide a television/DVD for my pictures to project behind me as I speak or a laptop/projector (with sound). If this not possible, no worries. I have a manual back-up on both talks with poster boards.
  • Orphan Train, Annie Oakley, and my Canteen talks are 45 minutes each. All talks are followed by a question and answer period of 15 minutes. I stay as long as people would like to mingle.
  • A glass of ice water or bottle of water while I'm speaking.
  • A microphone, preferably cordless so that I can walk within the crowd as I speak.
After you book, consider these items for marketing the event to your audience:
The following can be included in your own media (handouts, etc.) - Feel free to choose an option that works best for your needs:
Option 1 - Short Introduction
Option 2 - Customizable Introduction

Click here to download a Word document containing the checklist from above to provide to the person or persons involved with stage setup.
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Grace Snyder: No Time On My Hands
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