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I've been with Humanities Nebraska for over a decade as one of their select five high-use speakers. There are only five of us out of over 300 on their speakers bureau. I bring my historical books to life. It is fun for all ages to learn the actual history that I research in depth. I speak in both high-tech and low-tech atmospheres to accomodate all audiences.

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Please send your information and money to the Humanities right away as there is a 30 day processing time limit in which they prepare my mileage and speaker honorarium.  I am paid from the Humanities the day after I speak.  It's a very simple process and wonderful to obtain a state-wide speaker!  If you must wait for your check to be processed, go ahead and send the paperwork to Lincoln with a note that payment will follow so that the process can begin.
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No Time on My Hands:  The Story of Grace Snyder

Grace Snyder was born April 23rd, 1882 and lived to be 100.  She moved to Nebraska with her parents from Missouri when she was only three.  Grace had three wishes and dreamed three dreams.  To grow up to make the most beautiful quilts in the world.  To grow up and marry a cowboy and to look down on the top of a cloud.  At the time, it seemed impossible that any of her dreams could ever come true.  Kevin and Charlotte Endorf share Snyder's life story after countless hours of study.  Enjoy the display Kevin and Charlotte have compiled of this woman clearly ahead of her time. The cost of this talk is only $75 anywhere in Nebraska. Contact us today for our 2019 schedule.

New Book!!  From Phoebe to Famous

Phoebe Ann Moses, the finest shot of her time. She could hit the thin edge of a playing card at 90 feet and puncture it five more times as it fell to the ground. She worked 17 years with her husband, Frank Butler, for the Buffalo Bill Wild West Show under the name Annie Oakley. She was bullied all of her life. However, she turned negative to positive by being kind and giving back to society. The authors interviewed several people of various ages afer they'd learned about Annie their reactions are shared. This read emphasizes the idea that "inside every challenge is a treasure to be discovered."

Special thanks to our editor, Shari Apking. She's edited seven of my books. This one was especially a challenge as she moved from the hometown we shared in Alexandria to an apartment in Fairbury I truly appreciate her time with this, too, while so busy with the move.

There are many others you'll see I've thanked in the book but I want to note here how extraordinary my friend, Michelle Watkins, our inside illustrator is. During this time her beloved husband struggled with and lost his life to cancer. We wish Gary could have seen your name as illustrator, Michelle, a second time in our Annie series. We suppose God chose for him to reflect on it from heaven!

The price is only $15 plus $6 s/h. If you choose to purchase the set and add our first Annie book with more history called Always on Target: Adventures of Annie Oakley, normally $15, the sale price is $25 for the two books plus $6 s/h.

What others are saying about the new book:

"We have all seen bullying in one form or another, trust Charlotte to dig the stories out. Annie Oakley is a person who overcame this bad business." --James Wagner, Storyteller from Winnetoon, Nebraska

"Bullying is an epidemic. how amazing to see that even someone as famous as Annie Oakley struggled and overcame it." -- Kristal Alder, Homeschool Teacher from Plainview, Nebraska

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