I’m Charlotte: author, speaker, entrepreneur, and business woman.  Welcome to my personal website -- A gateway to my interests and enterprises!

I've been with Humanities Nebraska for over a decade as one of their select five high-use speakers. There are only five of us out of over 300 on their speakers bureau. I bring my historical books to life in costume. It is fun for all ages to learn the actual history that I research in depth. I speak in both high-tech and low-tech atmospheres to accomodate all audiences.

TO GET STARTED:  Click on Start Here and then Contact Charlotte .  Under #2 - Booking if you'd rather write a check, you'd click the 1st bullet to print the form.  If you'd rather pay online, click the 3rd bullet and pay via credit card.

You'll also notice the Checklist .  It will be important as you prepare for me to come.  Plus, #3 under the checklist are flyers of which you can print off, email or fax to everyone you know to get the word out about the event.  They look nice in black and white or color.  Simply modify to your event information.

Please send your information and money to the Humanities right away as there is a 30 day processing time limit in which they prepare my mileage and speaker honorarium.  I am paid from the Humanities the day after I speak.  It's a very simple process and wonderful to obtain a state-wide speaker!  If you must wait for your check to be processed, go ahead and send the paperwork to Lincoln with a note that payment will follow so that the process can begin.
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New Book!!  From Phoebe to Famous

By the time she died at the age of 66 she was a legend. Although she made $1 million ($24 million today) during her career it was not smooth sailing—she endured years of battle to claim her good name back after being falsely accused of stealing drugs. The couple interviewed many who listened to the story of Annie portrayed by Charlotte. Selections were made and added to the book of stories about their bullying experiences and what they would have done if they could change places with Annie.

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